Company History

1894 Inaugurated as Mikuni Iron Works.
Started manufacturing air compressors and moved to the current Head Office site in 1915
1934 Reorganized as Mikuni Iron Works Co.,Ltd.
with 1 million yen as capital.
1944 Merged with Fujimura Machinery Co.,Ltd.(inaugurated in 1907)
and started as Mikuni Jukogyo Co.,Ltd.
with 3.5 million yen as capital.
1953 Started manufacturing oil-free air compressors incorporating graphite carbon piston rings.
1954 Mikuni has domestically produced the chlorine/hydrochloric acid gas compressor for the first time in Japan.
1960 Manufactured oil-free LPG transfer compressors.
1965 Developed Non-maintenance piston for inert gas compressors.
1968 Authorized for "High-pressure gas equipment test and manufacture"by the Minister of International Trade and Industry.
1969 Established Mikuni Kohan Co.,Ltd. to reinforce the service department.
1972 Started developing leakproof radioactive gas compressors,and established an in-house quality assurance system.
1973 Established Chugokumikuni Juko Co.,Ltd. to manufacture and operate for big sized machines.
1974 Supplied leakproof compressors for primary radio-active gas recovery to nuclear power stations.
Established Mikuni Engineering Co.,Ltd. to expand the engineering department mainly for peripheral accessories of compressors as well as the sales department primarily for overseas markets.
1989 Capital increased to Japanese Yen 115,500,000. Debentures amounting to Japanese Yen 200,000,000 issued.
1994 Started the centennial memorial project in the 100th year since establishment.
1995 Moved Hofu factory to Daido in Hofe city and renamed as Yamaguchi Factory.
1997 Qualified for ISO 9001 approval. (Mikuni Factory)
1998 Qualified for ISO 9001 approval. (Yamaguchi Factory)
Capital tie-up with KwangShin Machine Industry Co.,Ltd.
2000 Established Yamaguchi The Third Factory(Casting Factory)
Capital investment toTakagi Tekkousho Co.,Ltd. (Steel Work Factory)
2006 Concentration to Yamaguchi factory of production line and expansion of Yamaguchi Factory.
Started memorial event in 111th year since establishment.
Capital increased to Japanese Yen 439,000,000.